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Hi, I’m Kathy and I’m thrilled to offer to you my services as a financial coach.

I have spent the last few years spending a lot of time and money educating myself on all matters financial, and I’d love to share that experience and what I’ve learned with you.

But, why listen to me at all?  Let me tell you a bit about myself as an introduction.  I was your every day financially illiterate person who used to believe everything I heard through mainstream channels, from why I should or should not do anything and why a particular strategy was better than another one.  I suppose my only point of difference to many others my age was that I had bought my house at 23 and paid it off by the time I was 28.  That was a particular goal I had and wanted to achieve that and so I did.  I was doing quite well for myself with no debt and savings.

But then I got married to someone financially illiterate and everything I knew disappeared out the window. Fast forward to 2006 and I was newly divorced with two young children and a huge case of STD, or sexually transmitted debt, as my accountant so succinctly put it.  I had a massive six figure debt which represented the lines of credit that had been established against my biggest asset, my house, which my former husband had proceeded to use as his own personal bank while his business earned exactly zero.

So I had to take charge and do it fast, but I didn’t really know how, the debt I had inherited had to be paid off somehow.  It was during my regular trip to our local Lifeline Bookfest second hand book sale that I absently picked up a book that I’d heard of but didn’t really know what it was about, and put it in my basket with my usual dozens of other books.

This book was “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. Now it took me a few months after I’d gotten it to read through it (I really did have dozens of other books to go through), but this was my “Aha!” moment.  From that time on, I made it my mission to financially educate myself and have since amassed a whole library of books, attended countless seminars, spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on my financial education.

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I also joined a local group called GLAM – Girls Learning About Money in 2007 (GLAM – Girls Learning About Money).  This group put on monthly financial education seminars for ten months per year, where a usually well known and expert guest speaker would be invited to speak to the members.  I joined their book club and was a regular attendee until late in 2009 when I had the opportunity to become a committee member.  I came on board as the treasurer and also become the book club convenor and we put on regular events until the end of 2012, as our CEO relocated to London and GLAM has been in hiatus since then.  However, we hope to put on events in the future and needless to say my education expanded again and I met many like minded women.

Since starting my financial education, I have paid off my debt, grown my share portfolio, bought investment properties and have a few businesses.

And I’d really love to share what I’ve learnt and help you on your journey to financial freedom.  Ask me how I can assist you and read through the posts in Articles.


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