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All Australian banks, not just Westpac, have behaved unscrupulously

Will retirees who rent need more money than home owning retirees? Maybe. Maybe not

Trump’s policies will ultimately lead to higher mortgage costs in Australia

US official interest rates likely to rise again in March 2017

Contributors to wage inequalities

Interest rates should rise, but government increasing debt not the answer

Bank heads increasingly out of touch with real Australians

What happened last time house prices fell in Australia

US Fed’s dovish Brainard indicating rate rise is likely

Don’t be fooled by latest figures

Australia not officially in recession, but how useful are GDP figures really

Dollar shortage problematic for indebted countries

Life expectancies on the increase

Former Treasury head has some advice for our politicians

India’s bold experiment with cash? Or just another method of control

Underemployment not recorded in official figures

Money mistakes at any age

Bankwest cuts negative gearing benefits from loan assessments

Property prices go up. Property prices also go down. Australia is no different

Banks moving further away from official interest rates

Do we need more manufacturing jobs?

There are other factors on the demand side of housing that distort prices

Women & singles more likely to struggle in retirement

Official interest rates stay steady. For now.

Why it feels like our finances are going nowhere

Interest rates increasingly independent of & rising despite the RBA

Property has become a financialised product that relies on constant growth

China is also moving away from coal fired power stations

Solar power is a growth area

The way we work is changing, more people are working for themselves

Australian record growth is uneven and hides things such as the debt incurred to create this growth

AI financial advice may lead to less biases

At least 20% of Australian homeowners will struggle with a rate rise

Globalisation has benefited the few at the expense of the many

Hedge fund replaces managers with AI

Why buying more “stuff” doesn’t always lead to happiness. Just more debt

Warning from OECD on over-indebted households

Solar now cheaper than coal in India

Banks create money from nothing every time they write a loan

RBA won’t risk financial stability with another rate cut

Brisbane house prices up but flat prices down

The way we work is changing

Technological advances allow us to work anywhere

People have reached the limit of their indebtedness and it impacts on spending

Betting agency now taking bets on direction of Australia’s property markets

Australian maintains it’s AAA credit rating. For now

Gen Ys need to rethink their retirement plans

Rents falling in Brisbane which means falling yields and unit prices

Savers are not actually the problem and should not be vilified

There is also the option to do nothing, not just use fiscal or monetary policies

US Fed finally raises rates a quarter of a percent, years too late

Income protection insurance costs more for women

Outrage at plan to abolish $100 note

State treasuries the loser when property prices fall

Will Australia get rid of its $100 note?

Former CBA boss warns of property crash

Increasing debt for infrastructure spending not the answer

Global labour market in a shocking state

GFC stimulus harmed Australian economy

Low interest has lead to over-investment of capital into housing

Badly performing economy puts our AAA credit rating at further risk

Oh dear, because we can’t have a shrinking economy now can we?

Italy’s an important part of Europe & global economy – any instability here impacts on the world

The IMF constantly gets it wrong because its looking at wrong data

Debt riddled China talks about the risks for a global economic downturn increasing

The global problems existed long before Trump

Former RBA board member backs changes to negative gearing rules

So a few global problems that basically all comes down to too much debt

Easiest thing for federal government would be to change negative gearing rules, even if it means losing face

Australians are getting richer, but at greater levels of debt

OPEC supposedly cutting oil production. Again. When they would be anyway

Interesting summary by Deutsche Bank but misses the crucial and game changing US$/gold sever

Protectionism isn’t the problem. It’s the response – mistaking cause and effect

One state LNP minister who knows the economic damage of negative gearing

“Big Short” investor now concerned about European banks

No such thing as job security any more

Beware! The move to make cash illegal continues

In the meantime, while everyone’s distracted, China slips in 3 changes

Global growth rate slowest since recession

Global economy remains unbalanced because underlying problems have not been addressed

More people are struggling with mortgage repayments

Mortgage brokers face crackdown on commissions

More rate cuts are a pointless exercise

More Australians missing bill payment deadlines

31 October is not just Halloween, it’s World Savings Day

Caterpillar warn on persistent weak global economy

Wages stagnate in low growth, low interest, high debt, high real unemployment and underemployment environment

Property millionaire says negative gearing is a scam

Divorce is destroying retirement

APEC ministers talk the talk on structural reform, but will they walk the walk?

Too much debt directed to non productive assets rather than productive capital investment

India a shining light in the BRICS countries

Economic growth in Australia not actually improving living standards

Will we lose our jobs to robots?

Billionaire incomes stagnating as well

After nearly 30 years of easing, BOJ wants to ease even more?

There are few options available when the next crisis hits & getting fewer by the day

6.8% of Australians have no equity in their properties

Was it really necessary for the BOE to cut rates after Brexit?

Consumers can’t buy more “stuff” because they are at full debt capacity

Bank of Jamaica shows interest in Bitcoin

Must have growth at ANY cost, even if the cost is more than the growth

There goes the IMF again, trying to fix the world

ABS error rectification shows worse figures for first home buyers

To change company ownership laws, all countries need to rewrite their tax codes

Actually our central bankers and politicians DON’T have the answers to our economic problems

Chinese Renminbi added to IMF Special Drawing Rights (SDR) basket of currencies

Deutsche Bank near collapse

Protectionism is occurring because globalisation isn’t working for average people

Deutsche Bank’s derivative exposure is more than value of the bank

US Dept of Justice imposes tit for tat fine against Deutsche Bank for EU’s Apple fine

World Trade Organisation forecasts dramatic decline in world trade

Creative destruction can be a good thing

China warned to rein in debt

Financial parasitism still going strong after GFC

Malaysian bank imposes tighter restrictions on lending for consumer funding

Both developing and developed nations at risk from sovereign debt defaults

Maybe this is the new normal?

And still our central bankers and politicians think they can control economies

China at risk of banking crisis

US Fed now CAN’T raise rates because they’ve been too low for too long

People are wise not to put their trust in our politicians

Now the PM is finally suddenly worried about our massive private debt burden!

Video: Global economy to feel pain of US Fed rate hike

Chinese Yuan to be admitted into IMF SDR basket of currencies from October

Fiscal & monetary policies aren’t working, so innovation & structural reforms needed

Australia needs to invest more in business, the real wealth creator

There are bigger economic risks than Brexit

The global economy will never be the same again

G20 achievements since 2008

Is this stagnation, or something worse?

Italian financial crisis risk for global economy

Global steel glut as manufacturing slows

Hanjin one of many struggling shippers

August manufacturing figures fall across the board except Britain

We are all following Japan off a demographic cliff

Better business, not business as usual

Protectionism rising in developed economies

Why QE infinity or forever will never work

The 7 stages of empire – hidden secrets of money

Video – The problems facing Australia

No winners in a currency war

Chinese businesses hoarding cash

Global monetary policies not working. Fiscal polices won’t work either

Australian banks outlook downgraded to negative by Moody’s

New ship orders at lowest levels & ships being destroyed as not needed

G20 still trying to fix problems that can’t be fixed

Massive building oversupply looms in Brisbane and Melbourne markets

Media has vested interests in real estate

More promises of monetary, fiscal and structural reform from the G20

Once again OPEC talks of reducing oil production to talk up oil prices

A cure for climate flu – interesting discourse on global economy & impact on climate

A university education no longer a job guarantee

Singapore also cuts it’s 2016 forecast

Global economic stagnation fuels financial instability

Japan a leading economic indicator for the rest of the world

The same problems occur in countries everywhere

Growth in a world of cheap money

Europe’s banks biggest risks to global economy

But how useful are Europe’s bank stress tests?

Italy’s oldest bank weakest in stress test

US economy misses estimated growth rate

Global economy in serious trouble. This will not end well

Constant quantitative easing will not end well

Definition of insanity personified! RBA cuts interest rates. Again

Debt holding back economic recovery

Why negative interest rates are bad for an economy

New Marshall Plan needed to invigorate global economy

University degrees are increasingly becoming a waste of money

Blockchain present some interesting opportunities

G20 want 2% global economic growth but want overcapacity controlled

Could the US Fed be considering a rate rise this year?

More G20 delusions

Global growth weaker than desirable. G20 yet again attempts to solve weak growth problem

Why are businesses not investing?

News from the G20 meeting in China – Italian & European banks & global economy

G20 pledges to do the same as they’ve always done

China says – don’t rely on us for global growth

IMF calls for urgent action to shore up global economy. Again

Global economy slow BECAUSE of central bankers

ANZ New Zealand CEO warns of overcooked and messy NZ housing market

Time to turn on the fiscal taps is economists advice to G20 leaders

G20 financial chiefs will keep trying the same old stuff, even though it doesn’t work

Investing in sustainable industries makes sense, although may take a while for a return

Peru relying on rising commodity prices

Turkey’s credit rating in danger of another downgrade after failed coup

IMF uses Brexit as handy scapegoat to downgrade 2016 growth forecasts

Jobs and growth – our politicians still don’t get it

Turkey’s economy will be impacted by both internal and external forces

“Cures for the financial crisis are worse than the disease”

Bank of England looking at same tired remedies that don’t work

India has challenges but appears to be on the right track

Bank of England plans more “action” against downturn

Italy’s bank problems could become a global contagion

China could repeat Japan’s mistakes, part 2

China could repeat Japan’s mistakes, part 1

Jobs are disappearing. It’s never too late to start your own business

IMF warns Italy on two decades long recession

OPEC forecasts lower oil demand in 2017

China threatens war on sovereignty claim, part 2

China threatens war on sovereignty claim, part 1

The difference between money and currency

Video: Very interesting commentary on Australia’s debt, technology and baby boomers

European politics threat to global economy

Credit expansion still driving economy

3 ways our financial masters keep letting us down

Drifting economy going nowhere fast

IMF and WTO cut global growth rate forecasts again

Soaring global debt huge risk to global economy

Are US jobs figures as good as they appear?

Buying off the plan flats is a huge risk

Overly optimistic future iron ore prices contributed to credit downgrade

Global economy disruptions create opportunities

Australia put on credit watch by S&P rating agency

Brexit will ultimately mean little to global economy

Oil down after Brexit

Italian banks hold large number of bad loans and require bailout

A reprieve for Australian savers, RBA hold interest rates

European Central Bank still engaging in quantitative easing

One in nine Australian flats selling at a loss

Investors everywhere are basically screwed at this point

Brexit alone won’t trigger global recession, many other factors will contribute

Stock market at risk from global economy

Subprime loan risk in Australia

Bitcoin also has safe haven status along with US dollar and gold

US dollar safe haven status has its own risks

Deutsche Bank risk to global economy

Global debt bigger problem than Brexit

Seeds for the next market crash

Britain does better than Europe after Brexit

Some ridiculous arguments for Australian stimulus

What’s next after Brexit?

UK votes for Brexit

IMF downgrades US growth forecast again

Inequality in US home owners and renters 10 years after housing bubble

Matusik on oversupply of flats in Australia

Japanese critic of Japan’s negative interest rates

Fed says stocks have gotten expensive

Morgan Stanley – global economy looks like 1930s

Brexit scaremongering part 3

Brexit scaremongering part 2

Brexit scaremongering part 1

Strange days in the world of personal finance

Huge number of investors face financial ruin as spruikers operate unchecked

IMF says global economy too slow for too long

Brexit, the movie

Russian finance minister compares state debt build up with road to nowhere

How safe are European banks?

Brexit scaremongering a little over the top

Oil price down and German Bund yield falls on Brexit risk

Gender pay inequality still an issue in 2016

World economy slower for longer

Fed leaves rates unchanged

Has China figured out what’s wrong with the global economy?

Why people stay in jobs they hate

Brexit not the biggest risk to global economy

25 reasons why you should quit your job today

Frittering away the people’s mandate

Australian Dollar could drop to 40 cents if we don’t stop our lavish spending

World Bank slashes forecast for UAE & Gulf Coast Countries

World Bank downgrades forecast for global economy

Monetary and fiscal stimulus has failed – what’s next?

NAB accused of market manipulation

China’s multi trillion Yuan debt poses scary risk to global economy

A false sense of global security

Why your hip pocket is in recession

Risks to global economy rising

Inflation fall means rate cut likely

How to teach your children to invest

Global manufacturing has stalled

Global reasons for Fed caution on interest rates

Chinese slowdown threat to global economy

Alan Greenspan says global economies running to state of disaster

Australian economy outpaces peers, so no rate cut

Why not having money isn’t an excuse

What macroeconomists are missing

How G7 can boost global economy

G7 leaders look for way to stoke global economies

Japanese Prime Minister wants stimulus for the world

Global economic outlook bleak

India overtakes China as global fastest growing economy

UN paints bleak picture of stagnating world economy

Australian banks engaging in fraudulent practices

Budgeting, the rich woman way

How women can break the cycle of debt


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